Exciting things happened at Sanctum House!

We’ve partnered with the University of Michigan-Flint to help our residents identify and develop their vocational interests. Assistant Professors Dr. Wendy Tremaine, Ph.D., OTRL, (pictured above) and Dr. Donna Case, Ph.D., OTL, along with their students from the Occupational Therapy and Clinical Doctoral Program, lead a 6-week program.

The program aimed to help the residents identify occupational interests and necessary training. A Leisure Skills checklist was developed to help the residents understand different outlets, hobbies, interests, and essential skills for living independently. Through the program, residents and students built a plan to prepare for training in these interests and laid the foundation for future growth and development.

Dr. Donna Case

“I feel like the women were so welcoming to the students and seemed genuinely excited to have us there,” Dr. Wendy Tremaine says, ”I’m just so grateful for them because it was such a positive experience for our students. To feel like people were excited to see them and work with them, and patient with them as they practice these skills. I’m really grateful.”

Due to covid safety precautions, the last session of the 6-week program was done virtually which was a bummer to Sanctum House and our friends at the University of Michigan-Flint. However, assistant professors Dr. Tremaine and Dr. Case plan to reunite with the residents and begin new programs in 2022.

“I enjoyed having U of M working here,” Sanctum House resident Bee says,” With the career training we did, I got confirmation on what I want to do in the future. I’m looking forward to seeing them in them again in the Spring.”

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