Battling Human Trafficking: Sanctum House Seeks Funding to Sustain and Expand its Haven for Victims

This is a great article by The Jewish News. Sanctum house is thankful for this article by The Jewish News and for sharing with their readers.

While Claire was living in a university town, a group of men had been watching her for a while without her knowledge.

One day, they sent someone to her door. He was crying and wearing a sling. She didn’t know what to do but she wanted to help, so she invited the man in for a glass of water.

“And that’s sort of how things changed,” Claire told the Detroit Jewish News. (Only her first name will be used in this article to protect her privacy.)

The man was a human trafficker. Human Trafficking is the practice of coercing a person into labor or to engage in commercial sexual actions. It is sometimes referred to as modern-day slavery.

Claire’s tale is typical for victims of human trafficking. She is lucky to have found Sanctum House.

Edee Franklin, President & founder of Sanctum House is hoping to find “a few angels” who can help Sanctum House make its goals for sustaining funds. Sustaining a safe campus where victims can re-engage their lives requires 24/7 housing, healthcare, dental care, education and so much more. If you would like to donate please click the purple button below. You will be taken the Sanctum House’s Network for Good donation page. If you need more information email us at

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