Sanctum House needs your help.

Facts & Questions

What is human trafficking?

Human Trafficking has been estimated as a $150 billion industry worldwide. A criminal can only sell one batch of drugs one time – a person can be sold multiple times. Michigan and the nation are experiencing an increase in incident rate based on calls to the National Human Trafficking Resource Center. As more people become aware of this injustice to human beings the national discussion is encouraging people to report that may not have reported in the past. See for further information, facts and statistics.

Why try to change someone who decided to become involved in such a lifestyle?

Victims of human trafficking did not choose to become enslaved, for either sexual or labor exploitation. Sanctum House residents will arrive by their own volition wanting to change the lifestyle that they were being forced to live. Compliance is not consent, often it is just plain survival.

Where will the residents come from and will they be dangerous? How can we be sure their enslavers won’t come here to get them?

The women will be referred from a variety of sources. They have shown tremendous courage to ask for help. Referrals to Sanctum House will come from many sources including but not limited to; self-reporting, medical facilities, law enforcement, addiction treatment programs. Current data from existing houses around the country, that have been in existence up to 10 years, indicates that the traffickers do not seek out the women once they leave.

Who has the expertise to handle such a project? What is the success rate?

The Sanctum House team did research and development for 5 years before opening the doors on February 12, 2018. We benchmarked multiple agencies across the country and developed what we thought were the best practices learned from each. We continue to refine and improve our program as we continue on our journey to offer the best and most effective services to our residents.
One of our partners is Thistle Farms/Magdalene House ( which has been in existence since 1997. 2014 Statistics show a graduation rate of 84%. There are 30 residents at any given time and there were 9 graduates in 2015. A 2-year follow-up after graduation showed that 62% remained clean and sober and have an independent lifestyle.

What will be required of the residents? What will be provided to them? Will the residents be locked in?

The women in Sanctum House must be drug and alcohol-free to enter and remain in the program. Unannounced drug and alcohol screens and an evening curfew will be enforced. Daytime programs will focus on personal & spiritual growth, along with physical and educational opportunities, A security system will be put in place to protect residents.

How will Sanctum House pay for their program, required renovations and rent?

Sanctum House will be privately funded through donations, foundation support and grants.

How can I be part of the solution?

Visit for information on the project and the ability to DONATE and and for information on human trafficking.